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My vaping journey

I started smoking at 14 and after 22 years (2010) I tried my first vape - a friend of mine offered me a go on his pen style device. It didn't really do it for me so I carried on smoking until around the end of 2012 when I first bought my first vape kit which resembled a packet of cigs - cigalikes I think they call them now, swiftly moved onto ego (pen style), then stock coil tanks (Viva Nova, Protank 2 etc), onto Kanger Subtank Nano and this is when I became more interested - My first subohm tank running a 0.5ohm coil. I finally gave up the cancer sticks in 2014.

I then searched Youtube in order to find out about rewicking stock coils and came across Riptrippers. I learnt alot from his videos and before long was rewicking all my Protank 2 coils and Subtank Nano coils - This saved me a fortune in buying new coils.

I then bought the Subtank Mini and this is when I got into rebuilding my own coils. My hobby really took off and I started watching reviews and tutorials galore and started buying more and more RTAs and mods. I then went on to try RDAs but my preference is still a good old RTA. 

As time went by my stepson said 'why don't you do some reviews?' It all seemed too intimidating and nervewracking, but then I thought sod it and in October 2017 I posted my first build tutorial on the Reload RTA clone which has a postless deck. I used my LG G5 camera phone and used a shaving mirror and elastic band as my tripod. The video is long winded but I was chuffed at actually getting round to posting my first video on Youtube. The software I used was also on my phone (Cyberlink Power Director).


After the first eight months of using just my phone to do everything from the recording to the editing, I have since purchased a decent laptop, a couple of Logitech C920 Pro webcams, LED lighting,  a reversible tripod (also for table cam stuff) and a Blue Yeti microphone, so hopefully you can see a marked improvement from my earlier reviews. (Edit: In 2019 I purchased a Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera which I use for my main reviews - I still use both my C920s for live streaming as of August 2020).

Most of the products I review have been paid for myself, however should I receive an item free of charge I would mention this at the start of each review. One thing for sure is I will always give an honest, impartial review, no matter what.

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Cheers guys

Mike (MF Vape)