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What's up everyone, thought I'd right a little blog on what's coming up for review this week and in the pipeline. I mentioned in my video vlog last week that I would be purchasing a few starter kits (all from Totally Wicked) to see if I could find any recommendations for newbie vapers wishing to transition from smoking into vaping. Parts 1 and 2 are already live and part 3 will be Thursday 7th February all things going well:

Part 1 will include the tiny Polka Kit from Totally Wicked which is a rebranded Eleaf iCare. It transpires that TW have discontinued this item but you can still purchase the Eleaf version on Amazon and various other sites. I paid £10 for this so wasn't expecting much (think they're about £13 on Amazon), but I have been pleasantly surprised. Please watch my review for more details. I do know that Eleaf have released a brand new Eleaf iCare 2 so I will probably buy that too in due course.

Part 2 is the Pocket Rocket from Totally Wicked which is also a rebrand of the Joyetech CUAIO D22. This really looks the bees knees but I did encounter a few issues at first (not sure if mine was a dodgy one). This comes with two modes: constant voltage and direct output - There was nothing in the manual to explain how to access them though, so I've explained how to in my review. Please check it out.

Part 3 is a review on the Switz2 which is a pen style vape kit that comes with a separate tank and battery that screws on. However, you there is no 510 fitting so the tank and battery are bespoke to each other which may be a con for some. It does look very attractive though, and only weighs 59g. I have taken rather a liking to this little set up. Check out the review for my thoughts.

At the end of Part 3 I will give you my verdict on what kit I think is best and whether or not I believe will help the new vaper stay off the dreaded weed.

Further down the road......

I have recently purchased a couple of RDAs from 3F Vape in China and a dual battery mechanical squonk box. Yes, they are clones but I will give all three a thorough testing before I post my reviews. Watch this space....

Anyway, that's about it for the moment. Hope you can all check out my latest videos and please give them a 'thumbs up'. For anyone new to my channel please subscribe and check out all my videos. There will be 24 available to view from late Thursday night (8th February 2018).

Cheers guys


PS: Feel free to leave a comment below, I appreciate your feedback

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