• Mike Forber (MF Vape)

Driptech DS Clone Update

Hi Guys, Mike here back for a quick update about the proposed review for the Driptech DS Clone that I purchased from China recently.

I used this device extensively for a week and recorded my review and all seemed to be well albeit I believed the device had a few flaws. However, late Monday night whilst I was editing my review, something frightening happened after I had taken a puff on my Bonza sitting on top of the DS Clone. The plastic firebutton and spring flew off unexpectedly, causing the Bonza to continuously auto-fire. I therefore had to frantically remove the RDA, search for the bespoke tool that is required to release the 18650 batteries and then undo the contact grub screws that attach to the batteries to ensure that the batteries had not vented, inadvertently .

This, as you can imagine caused me some distress and it took me a long while to calm down and actually get to sleep.

Therefore, my proposed review due to be uploaded late Tuesday evening (20th Feb) will not be published. Instead I will record a short vlog explaining my findings including this unfortunate incident. I have decided that I will not be reviewing this item whatsoever, and will endeavour to contact 3F Vape to see what they think about this matter.

I have since searched on Google for other reported incidents to see if mine was indeed a one off, but it transpires that this could well be a common issue and I read at least two reports on Reddit of similar incidents .

Anyway, I will leave it there and will hopefully record my video vlog on Thursday 22nd February and will hopefully be published on Youtube later that night or on Friday 23rd.

Thanks for taking time to read.

Stay safe and keep on vaping.

Best Regards


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