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300 Subs Giveaway Winner

Hi guys, just a little blog post to give a big congratulations to UK Andy for winning the recent giveaway. A total of 10 people entered, 8 residing in the UK and 2 from overseas, so there was a 1 in 10 chance to win. Commiserations to everyone that entered and didn't win - better luck next time! There will be more giveaways in time so watch this space. I have posted a short video announcing the winner along with a few sneek peeks of what I've just got in so please check that video out (click the pic and it will direct you to the vlogs page).

Keep your eyes peeled for my next two reviews, the BY KA V7 Style MTL or DTL RTA, and the Flave Style RTA by SXK. Should be up in the next few days for you.

Still testing the two Tauren mech mods from Thunderheads creations along with the Karma 2 mech kit from Geekvape. Have also been enjoying the Geekvape Loop RDA and Stagevape Venus so will hopefully record the reviews for all these during the coming week or so.

Have also received the Hellvape/AmbitionZ VapeR Aequitas, the Ehpro Billow X, the Kindbright Warhead and SXK Amor 2.0 so will be testing those for the next week or two. Loving the Aequitas after the first build.

Still no sign of the Rage Squonk mod from Ohmboy OC but hopefully that will turn up in due course.

That about wraps this blog up, but before I go I'd just like to say thank you to each and every one that has supported my channel along the way, big respect.

See you all very soon



PS Click on the pic to go to the vlog section of this site and select the appropriate video.

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