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800 Subscribers/ExpoUk 2018/UK Vape Show/Live Vlog 01.06.2018

What's up everybody, hope you're all doing very well. It's been a while since my last blog and a lot has been going on in the past two months, notably my trip to Birmingham for the Vaper ExpoUK 2018 and my stint on the UK Vape Show.

So, the wife and I (darling Lisa) had our first experience of a UK Expo and had a thoroughly good time meeting lots of lovely people, both fellow reviewers and fellow vapers. We stayed at the NEC Airport Premier Inn and met up with a whole host of vape reviewers including Victor Mullin (Vaping with Vic), Mark Roberts (aka The Vaping Postman), Chris Bell (Empire Vapes Co.), Mark Crew (Soulohm Reviews), Aden Crew (Little Bro Vapes), Stan (Tenacious TX), Nick (Daily Vape TV), Megan (Purple Lady Vaper) to name but a few. All of them were staying at the hotel so we partied well into the night on both the Friday and Saturday nights. What a crack we all had!

At the Expo I also had the pleasure of having a drink with Mike Vapes, chatted with Brian and Billy from The Vapor Chronicles and Heathen's Youtube channel, and also managed to get a few words in with Sam, The Vaping Bogan. Not forgetting my brief conversation with Dean The Vaping Biker too. The actual Expo itself was on one floor but it was huge, with lots of Juice stalls, all the leading hardware stalls and pod systems seemed to be prevalent. I didn't buy too much bar a couple bottles of juice and the Lost Vape Furyan, a mechanical squonk device that takes a 21700 battery. Thanks to Neil Humber from Ecigclick for recommending.

I have done a little vlog of our Expo trip that can either be found in my Vlogs page on ths site or on my Youtube channel. Would be great if you could check it out. Included in the vlog is my interview with Neil and he talks about the heat not burn IQOS that I didn't even realise had a stand at the show, and his pub meeting with the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA). Thanks Neil :)

Next I had the pleasure of being invited onto the UK Vape Show which is a very popoular show in the UK vape scene. Big thanks to Vaping with Vic for inviting me on, and of course TVP for the little word I believe he put in for me. Had a real good time on the show and shared some quality banter with the cast, especially Mark (Turbomong, lol). Hats off to Vic for asking folk to subscribe to my channel - I reckon I got another 300 subs as a result, so thanks to each and every one of you that hit that subscribe button.

Since then I've been gaining a nice little influx of subscribers and am also averaging around 1400 views every two days so am over the moon with this. I've just recently crossed over the 800 subscribers mark so to celebrate I thought I'd go live on Friday 1st June at 10pm (after the watershed lol) to touch base with everyone, share a few tips and tricks, have a couple of beers and hopefully a great time. If you're reading this before this time I would love it if you could join me.

Right that's about it for this blog, just a little heads up on what's coming on the channel in the next couple of weeks. First, we have the Arctic Dolphin Anita regulated 21700 squonk mod, then the 3C Vape/Vaping V1ck Savour MTL RTA and also the Horus RTA from Vapefly.

To finish this one off I'd like to give a massive thanks to each and every one of my subcribers, to anyone that has commented, liked or watched any of my videos. You really are what makes the channel so for this I am truly grateful.

If you'd like to check out more photos from my Expo visit check out my Facebook page (MF Vape Reviews) and Instagram feed (mf_vape). Feel free to follow me and add me as a friend on Facebook (Mike Forber)

I am also on Twitter (@forber_mike)

Hope to catch some of you on the live vlog and I'll speak with you all very soon.



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