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Geekvape Aegis X 200W Mod - Does it have the X Factor?

Introduction & Background

Geekvape launched the original Aegis mod back in 2017, was marketed as indestructible and if I’m not mistaken, fully water, dust and shock proof. Of course, lo and behold, every reviewer out there had to put these claims to the test. I particularly remember a certain Bogan doing his best to destroy it, lobbing it at walls and chucking off his balcony. Others decided to drive their car over it, and I think I recall one or two, filling up the bath and dropping it in there for a few minutes. The results were astounding, there might have been some cosmetic damage but most of them survived whatever was thrown at them and they still fired after all that abuse!

This first incarnation of the Aegis was either compatible with a single 26650 or 18650 – I remember thinking at the time that it should have at least been compatible with 20700s (I think 21700s were around but not in abundance). For this reason, and the fact that I thought it seemed a bit bulky for a single cell device, I decided not to buy one. I usually use dual 18650s for my dual coil atties and a single 21700 for my direct to lung single coilers. Admittedly I do use the (single 18650) Asmodus Colossal for mouth to lung vaping, but a lot of the time I use the dinky Artery Nugget, more recently the Aspire Zelos 2 and Vaporesso Target Mini 2 (both with inbuilt batteries).

Evolution of the Aegis Family

Since the first Aegis, Geekvape have released a series of mods utilising the Aegis branding. Now, I have not owned any of these so forgive me if I mess up the chronology or miss any out. The ones I recall are the Aegis Legend, which is dual 18650, Aegis Solo (single 18650 but smaller form factor) and the Aegis Mini (inbuilt lipo battery – smaller still, perfect for MTL). They have also released the ‘Zeus’ version of the Legend (depicting the Zeus branding), and I believe a special edition Legend that uses high grade aluminium and magnesium alloy to keep it lightweight but just as durable. I was considering purchasing the special edition Legend until I noticed the Aegis X, which is the mod I will be reviewing today. More recently, the Aegis Squonk has just materialised, along with the Aegis Boost Mod Pod, which if I am not mistaken comes with an RBA too (sounds intriguing!).

Aegis X Overview & Specifications

Right, lets get talking about today’s star of the show, the Aegis X. Here are the main specifications and features:

Product Parameters:

  • Battery Specification: Dual 18650 (Not Included)

  • Input Voltage: 6.2V – 8.4V

  • Output Voltage: 0.1V – 12V

  • Charger Spec: 5V 2A

  • Dimension: 90mm x 56.1mm x 31.3mm

Notable features:

  • IP67 Water & Dust Resistance

  • High Shock Resistance

  • Powered by the new AS 2.0 Chipset

  • 2.4” OLED Screen (not touch sensitive)

  • Power Range: 5W to 200W

  • Temperature Control Compatibility: Nickel 200 (NI), Titanium (TI) & Stainless Steel (SS)

  • TC Range: 100C – 315C/200F – 600F

  • Resistance Range: 0.05 – 3.0Ohms

  • Balanced Charging: Two-cell active balanced charging

Multiple Protections:

  • No Coil Detected

  • Atomiser Short Protection

  • Atomiser Resistance High Protection

  • 10s Cut-Off Protection

  • Battery Low Protection

  • Battery Weak Protection

  • Device Overheat Protection

Package Contents:

  • Aegis X Mod

  • Micro USB Cable

  • User Manual

  • 1 x Spare Parts Bag

  • 1 x Promotion Card & Warranty Card

So, it comes in a rather large solid black cardboard box with the usual sleeve showing a picture of the mod with notable features and package contents on the back. Taking the lid of is a bit of a shake and vac affair (no thumb cut outs) but it doesn’t take much to remove the lid so no dramas here. It is presented very nicely; you’ll find the mod with another cardboard box that is home to a micro usb lead and a little bag with some spare grommets in. Underneath the felt pad is the user manual, warranty cards and promotional card (advertising the Aegis Solo in this instance!)

First Impressions, Aesthetics & Build Quality

Obviously, this is not brand new as I purchased it myself about 2 months ago so you will notice that it does not look pristine – it did when it was new though. Included was a very flimsy screen protector that, to be honest, was useless and fell off after a day or so. The screen is humongous though (2.4 inches) so I suggest you are very careful when carrying it in your pocket or bag as it can be easily scratched, however, I have only very superficial marks on my screen after a good 8 or 9 weeks of use. I would therefore say that the glass used is of very durable quality. The first thing you’ll notice when you pick it up is the rubberised (silicone) coating that protects all the edges – it feels very grippy and even those with butter fingers should be fine. The back panel includes a reinforced zinc alloy panel (held together with four Allen screws) that covers the faux leather trim (which is curved to fit in the hand like a glove). The fire button has a satisfying click but does have an angular feel to it. At first, I found it a bit peculiar but the more I use it I believe they have designed the fire button to be ergonomic (it fires nicely in either trigger mode or thumb fire mode). The up and down buttons are also very clicky, responsive and protrude enough so that those of you with sausage fingers do not inadvertently press both at the same time (although this comes in handy later).

On the bottom of the device you will see the latch for opening the battery compartment, there are also five vent holes in case the batteries run into thermal runaway (which is good to see), along with the usual markings, ‘Designed by Geekvape’ and serial number. On the top you will find the spring loaded 510 connector, four more Allen screws and the usb connector. There is a silicone tab that you need to pull up (tab stays connected) in order to access the usb port. This port can be used to connect to a computer for firmware updates and for balanced charging. I can confirm that the charging aspect works very well but I would always advocate using a dedicated external charger for charging replaceable batteries. If you want to maintain the IP67 waterproof rating, you must ensure the silicone is plugged snugly back in after use.

Two circular grooves surround the 510 connector – At first, I thought these were orings, but they are just circles cut out presumably to prevent unwanted ingress of eliquid to the 510. You will notice what appears to be a third circle on the outside – This is just wear and tear from screwing on and off various atties over the past two months. If only they did include a little oring, much like the Topside Carbon…. trick missed there Geekvape!

Installing the batteries is a breeze as the polarities are clearly marked, both on the gold-plated contacts on the battery door, and inside the battery compartment. Just pull the latch back to unclip the door, install the batteries, then (keeping the latch pushed back), push down, release your finger and it should clip into place. I’ve had absolutely no issues with this mechanism and the batteries have always stayed put. In fact, of all the mods I own this is one of the easiest, and those with dexterity issues shouldn’t have any troubles in my opinion.

With regards to build quality, this thing is built like a tank and the rubberised armour coating gives added security in the event of accidentally dropping it (or if you feel the urge to throw it against a wall – do so at your own risk!). I have dropped it a few times but, touch wood, I have never dropped it face down on the glass. As I purchased this myself, I was not prepared either to try and smash it up or put it in a bath full of water. However, I have left it out on a garden table for a few minutes in the pissing rain, and it vaped fine afterwards. For me, it feels solid and seems to be rain resistant and feels great in the hand, albeit it may be a tad bulky for those with small hands. I find it comfortable both in thumb fire and trigger mode, although there is a caveat – if you are using it in trigger mode in the right hand you can’t see the screen. Conversely, lefties will not be able to see the screen if they are thumb firing. This is an obvious issue for any mod that has a screen on just one side.

Navigating the Menu System – Tutorial

As with most mods, to fire this one up it is the usual 5 clicks on, 5 clicks off scenario. Once it turns on you will be greeted with the orange Geekvape logo and after about 2 -3 seconds you can start playing with it. You can see the screen layout in the above picture but this AS 2.0 chip lets you change themes – we will show you those a bit later. I like the fact it has independent battery level markers and the stonking big font for wattage (or temperature if in TC, voltage in bypass). It also shows resistance, amperage, voltage, puff counter, memory (1-4), and how hard the vape is in Power mode (soft/standard/powerful). The screen is super clear to read and is very bright too. I usually use this at 0% brightness, which is more than adequate for everyday use. If you are in bright sunlight, you may want to increase to 100% but of course, the brighter the screen, the faster the battery will deplete.

Regardless of what mode you are in, if you wish to change the brightness setting, just hold the fire button at the same time as either up or down – easy to do.

If you press the fire button without an atty attached a familiar warning will appear (any reviewers out there will understand how annoying this is lol).

Attach an atomiser and press up for ‘New Coil’ and you are good to go. If you take it off again and re-attach it will remember the resistance so should not ask again.

For stealth mode (turn screen off completely), hold both the up, down and fire buttons simultaneously for 2-3 secs – The same for turning it back on.

If you want to lock the value buttons (up and down) but still wish to vape at the current setting, you can lock these by holding both the up and down buttons for 2-3 secs.

Memory Function (mode selection screen)

There are four memory settings and you can assign your favourite settings for each. Press the fire button three times to highlight the M1 button – Press fire again and the cursor will move to ‘Power’ – Use the up and down buttons to toggle through TC (NI, TI, SS, TCR), By-Pass or Power Curve. Say we select ‘TC (NI)’ – Press fire to move onto ‘Coil’ – should you wish to lock the resistance, press the down button – Press fire again to move onto ‘Watt’ (at the bottom) – use the up and down buttons to select desired wattage (in TC mode only) – If you wish to reset the puff count, click fire to ‘Puff’ and press down, then fire – It will now highlight the ‘M1’ again – long press fire and this will save your settings – To adjust the required temperature you can now use the up and down buttons. The scrolling is swift and will go up in 1s from 100C to 315C then roll through to Fahrenheit (200F – 600F).

Let’s choose ‘Power’ mode for M2 – Press fire three times and press up – Press fire again (Power will be highlighted white) – Fire again will highlight ‘Standard’ – Press up or down here to select either ‘Soft’, ‘Standard’ or ‘Powerful’ – Long press the fire button to save the setting – You can then use the up and down buttons to change the wattage to your preference.

The wattage increments go up in 0.1s for anything under 100W, however, even if you start at 5W, by holding the fire button down, it will start going up in 1s after 5W or so. Between 100W and 200W it scrolls up in 1s and will round robin back to 5W. I love chips that allow you to do that so thumbs up to Geekvape for that. To be honest though, I personally think anything over 40 watts should be either 0.5s or 1s.

Accessing the Main Menu

Right, now for the tricky part, to access the main menu you need to click the fire button three times (so that M1, or whichever M setting you are on, is highlighted), then (without waiting for too long) – Press the up and down buttons simultaneously and hold for 2-3 secs (this is very hard to do without changing the M setting, so a trick I have found is to put it on say M4, then if you want it to be on M1 when you access the menu, actually press the up button first, then quickly press the down button too). You then should see the following display:

AUTO – Short click on the fire button and up and down to select ON or OFF – If ON is selected, the next time you attach an atomiser with a different resistance, the device will automatically select an ‘appropriate’ wattage it thinks you should vape at. NB: This mode only works in POWER mode but can be assigned to each ‘M’ setting independently.

THEME – Short click on the fire button – Use up and down to change the ‘theme’ of the display – There are three themes to choose from – long press to select and return to the main screen or short press to go back to the menu (to choose colour for example).

COLOUR – Do as above to change colours – Basically, you have blue, orange, cyan, red or green, depending on what theme you choose (you also get yellow and purples – see pics later).

ABB – Do as above to change ABB on or off – If you are using two batteries that have different charge levels, by selecting ABB to 'on', the device will take charge from the battery with the most voltage and ‘balance’ the charge so that both hold the same charge. I always use an external charger but it is there if you should so wish.

RESET – Do as above to toggle to Yes or No – This basically resets the device to the factory settings.

Examples of the different themes

What do I think of it then?

I like it a lot (end of review lol).

Seriously though, the reason I bought it is because I think it looks great and I was intrigued with what the themes were all about, coupled with the fact that Geekvape promised that the new AS 2.0 chip was the dogs danglies. I thought it would be rude not to check it out…

To make future comparisons I have decided to use the following categories and will give a rating for each - ranging from 1 star (*) for poor, to 5* for awesome. An overall star rating will be awarded in conclusion of my review:


I know I haven’t owned any other of the Aegis range so I may be being a bit generous here but, for me, it is the most durable mod I have ever owned. It feels solid as a rock and the rubberised protection is a great pro. The one snag is that if you did drop this screen side down, for example walking on a gravel path, or rocky beach, you may find that the screen gets chipped, if not shattered. Saying that, if you are a clumsy b@stard, I’d advise taking a little extra care lol. I do believe you can buy aftermarket screen protectors so this could be an option… and could save your precious screen! As far as the buttons and battery door goes, I am a big fan, nice clicky and responsive buttons and a very user-friendly door latch that seems to be very well built. It is not loose and flappy like some can be. The faux leather and aluminium/zinc alloy shell has not marked, and that’s after over 2 month’s use. Thumbs up is what I give build quality and gets a solid (excuse the pun) 5 stars. You could argue that Geekvape could have done more to protect the screen and of the side with the bevelled edges (where the buttons are). However, I like the balance between the looks, strength and durability. If you want more protection, you could always put a condom on it.


In my opinion I really like the look of this mod, and the fact that you can change themes and have three different display styles will please those with a split personality like myself. The screen is super bright, in fact, most of the time I have it set to its lowest setting, but you can clearly see all the parameters. You can also turn the display off, for that stealth vape moment or to conserve the battery. It has a nice combination of angles and curves and feels especially pleasing in the hand with lots of grip and is comfy in both finger and thumb fire modes. It comes in a variety of different colours with different faux leather or cloth patterns so I’m sure there will be something for everyone. I opted for the full black version as this will match most atomisers I own, coupled with the fact that you can change the colours of the screen to suit you atty colour or drip tip.


Arguably, of most importance is how the mod performs, and the Aegis X does not disappoint. Geekvape claim that the new AS 2.0 chip set is ‘twice more powerful and accurate’, quoted from their website. Obviously English is not their strong point but we will forgive them. Now, I have not owned any other Aegis’s, but I do own the Digiflavor (Geekvape's sister company) Edge which does indeed use the original AS chip. For me, I noticed a big difference in how quick and hard the X seems to hit in comparison. Admittedly, most of the time I vape around 40-50W using a single coil atty (the Goforvape Double Up is my tank of the moment) but I have used the Blotto and Intake 2 at over 100W and it hits like a train bro! I haven’t pushed it harder than 130W as this does not suit my vaping style, I don’t like a super-hot vape as I like to keep my trachea from being fried - each to their own as they say. I haven’t got any fancy testing equipment but, in my opinion, anything up to 130W seems to hit very true - on a par with my DNA 250 Drone and Yihi Topside Carbon at higher wattage. I am a wattage only vaper so haven’t really experimented with any of the temperature control features but you can always check out other reviewers (such as DJLSB Vapes) if you are interested in that side of things. I have tried it in bypass mode (much like the behaviour of a mechanical mod) where it uses the voltage left in your battery and is dependent on the resistance of your coil, and it works very well. If you have never owned a mechanical device, this is a great feature to trial different coil types and resistances in order to find what works for you. Obviously, I recommend researching Ohm's Law and battery safety if you do venture down the mechanical mod road.


Right, battery life is of course dependent on how high you have your brightness setting. I normally use it at 0% which is more than ample for indoors. Should you wish to use it outside in bright sunlight you might want to increase it to 100%. I think Geekvape have done a good job with battery management, and I usually get at least a full day of use before needing to charge. Indeed, the choice of batteries is important too – For my style of vaping around 40-50W, I use Samsung 30Qs and they last very well. If you’re vaping over 100W it is advisable to use a higher amp rated battery, such as Sony VCT5A/5D, Molicel P26A, or the Samsung 20S. The 30Qs are great for anything below 100W in my personal experience. I always advise following ‘Battery Mooch’ on social media and YouTube as he gives ratings for all the latest batteries and provides helpful advice on how mods and batteries behave on his channel.


I think the AS 2.0 chip is awesome, includes a comprehensive menu system and hits very well. Having said that, those of you with a low IQ (lol), might struggle to navigate the system at first. It is advisable to follow the instructions (either in the manual or in my review) and you will find it a whole lot easier. If you (like me most of the time), try to work it out without looking at the manual, you may struggle to find all the features, which would be a shame because it is packed with useful stuff (including the great ‘Theme’ feature). The fire and up and down buttons do protrude nicely so navigating the menu is pretty user friendly for me. It’s certainly not the hardest menu I’ve used, put it that way. The reason, I am only giving a 3* rating is I know that a lot of people are impatient and can’t be arsed to read the manual. It only took me an hour or so to master it, so if I can do, so can you.


In the UK, the price I have seen most frequently is £59.99 but if you do your shopping around you should be able to find a site with a discount code or sale on. I purchased it from Ecig One, and at the time they had 20% off, so I paid £47.99, although in the recent Black Friday deals you could have had 30% off or more. I recommend subscribing to newsletters from various online vape stores as they the often give out discount codes, especially around pay day. Even at full price I think £60 for a mod of this calibre is excellent value for money so gets the maximum 5*s from me.


This has been my go-to mod for over two months and not just because I was going to review it. For me, it ticks all the boxes, feels great in the hand, is very durable, is water/dust and shockproof, has a huge easy to read screen, includes some sexy themes, an awesome chip that hits instantly and hard, and all for a modest price. In fact, I like this mod so much, it is my front runner for mod of the year 2019.

Thanks for taking the time to read the review. If you enjoyed it please hit the 'like' button and feel free to leave a comment. Much appreciated :-)

Coming soon we have the Goforvape Double Up RTA and Eternal RDA reviews.


Mike (MF Vape)

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