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Goforvape Double Up RTA Review - Best single coiler of the year?

This product was sent to me from Goforvape for the purpose of this review.

According to their website, Goforvape GFV was, 'established in 2012 and specialises in developing electronic cigarettes and vape hardware for a healthier and better life throughout the world'. To be honest I had never heard of them but they have sent me both the Eternal RDA (to be reviewed at a later date) and the Double Up RTA, which is a single coil affair, with both top and bottom airflow, that can either be used direct to lung or mouth to lung. Now, I have had these type of hybrid tanks before and in my experience they have neither been good at either. This one is different, but I won't give too much away just yet...

Unboxing/First Impressions

So it comes in a white box...

Inside the box we have a spare 2ml bubble glass (pearlescent colour), the usual bag of spares (including 4 Allen grub screws, an Allen key, vapeband, orings) and the tank.

Under the felt pad there is the usual bollocks...

As you can see above, the diameter is 23mm but bulges out to 27mm as it uses a bubble glass.

Double Up RTA - Breakdown

I forgot to say there is also one fused clapton coil with a piece of muji cotton included in the box - I've fully broken down the tank and this is all the constituent parts.

Starting from the top we have a rather dashing speckled blue 510 driptip with a reduced bore that widens at the top.

The top cap is threaded and has an oring around the bottom of the thread and also one in the centre. To be honest the threads aren't the best in the world and you have to make sure it is fully horizontal or it will snag when putting back on.

There are two decent sized filling ports and there is a little buffer if you over fill - don't go too mad though or it will leak down the centre. I have made this mistake and it will flood the deck and work it's way through the bottom airflow holes and over your mod. If you are careful you will have no troubles.

There are afc rings for both top and bottom airflow - both have hard stops when either fully open or closed. It is fully adjustable so you can dial in to your preference.

We will look at the deck next - As you can see there are four postless holes for your coil legs. They are a decent size although you might struggle to fit a real bad boy coil in there. There are also 4 airflow holes in the centre of the deck fed from the bottom afc. You will also notice a couple of raised notches (at 1 o'clock and 7 o'clock). for locking the chimney section in place. There is also a peek inulator that surrounds the positive block (right hand side).

There are 8 holes on both sides that provide full side airflow coverage coming from the top afc. The deck is slightly raised (GTA style) and there are 2 hex grub screws on each side too. These are not the most durable screws and I have come close to stripping one of them so be careful!

This view show that there is not a retainer ring for your cotton so you have to make sure it is not interferring with the threads when you screw it all back together later on.

Here we have the separate chimney section and you can clearly see how the notches line up to keep it in place. There are also 8 holes either side to allow the airfllow coming from the top to enter through the posts.

As you can see the top airflow travels through where my tweezers are - You might be thinking that the juice will comes through here too, but it actually travels round the outside of this barrel and comes in from the bottom (via the juice channel below the threaded ring of the deck.

I usually make sure the chimney is in place and then plug it in to the main barrel before screwing back up.

Full Rebuild/Rewick Tutorial

I am of course using my trusty old Coilytool at 7mm. You can experiment to your heart's content but this is what works best for me.

My coil is the one that came with it, a 0.37 ohm fused clapton which I believe is ni80. I suggest pulsing the coils to rid any hotspots. It should glow evenly from the inside out. I would only use 20w and slow even pulses. The coil did not take much pulsing in this instance so I would say the coil is pretty decent.

Cut whatever cotton you have to about the edge of the end of the base. Make sure the cotton is not too tight and not too loose - You should be able to move it very slightly from side to side. Cotton expands when it gets wet so if you have it super tight it could choke the coil. I always rake my cotton out slightly and make sure it is nice and fluffy on each end. In this case I will juice her up now as this makes it easier to put in to place. ..

I have my cotton hanging slightly in the juice well and not smothering the bottom (although if you are using it at 15w in mtl it does not matter so much if the legs are longer). Make sure it is tucked in nicely and not over the threads (You will know about it when screwing it all back together if you have fucked up lol).

Get your chimney piece and plug it on like this and then get the rest of the RTA and screw it back on esuring the chimney doesn't come out of place.

Fill her up and you are ready to vape! Forgot to say there is some branding on the chimney piece as you can see below.

What do I think of it then?


The tank is predominantly made from stainless steel although it doesn't state which variety on the box or website. It all feels pretty solid though and the paintwork has held up a treat. There are no rough edges and it is finished very well. The main gripe I have is with the threading on the top cap - It is smooth enough but is a bugger to get horizontal and get in the right place and if you are slightly off you will snag the threads. I suggest placing it first and turn back before you tighten it. The other con is the Allen grub screws are pretty shite to be honest and I am a big fan of hex screws too. They are prone to stripping if you over tighten them - I tend to use some of my own hardened ones in most of my tanks so no real drama - I believe they are M2.5mm in this tank.

As far as the afc and oring tolerances go, I can't fault it - grippy knurling with a nice bit of resistance when turning. I love the driptip, look pretty cool and feels very nice on your lips. A huge pro as I have tried many of my 510 tips and this one gives the best flavour and vape experience. The tank comes with two 2ml glass tanks - one is like a smoked black colour and the other is a pearlescent. Now, I managed to drop my tank and smashed the smoked black one so now I am stuck with the rainbow one. I don't mind the look but it is hard to see how much liquid is in the tank. I would have preffered clear tanks but that is just my point of view. As for leaking, this is one of the driest tanks I have ever owned - obsolutely no liquid seeps under the base, in fact, you will have a hellofa job to get this thing to leak, full stop. One time, I over filled and I flooded out the deck, but even then I still did not notice any leaking from the bottom afc.


For me, this tank is not winning any beauty competitions. It only comes with 2 bubble tanks, and I think the reason Goforvape didn't include a straight glass is due to the fact that it would need to have a larger diameter in order for the juice to travel effectively. If it had a straight glass in its current state it would probably be too close to the chamber so would not flow, and also would have even less capacity than the pretty lame 2ml that it has in bubble mode. I think they obviously wanted to keep it at 23mm diameter at the base. Maybe they could have made it 24mm, I am not a designer but It would mean increasing the size of the deck, which in turn would mean having a bigger chimney section, and maybe they thought this would affect the flavour. It is what it is as they say!


It is a single coil RTA and is very easy to build on even for the beginner in my opinion. If you follow what I did in my build you should have no troubles at all. The main snag is making sure your wick is not caught up in the threads before you screw the barrel back on. We have a postless deck so if you use the Coilytool you will find it a whole lot easier to build on. I used 7mm but as ever, it is all trial and error to find the correct hight of the coil that works for you. Filling it is a breeze and adjusting the airflow is very easy indeed.


As soon I got this and took it all apart, looked at the deck, the separate chimney piece and the airflow options, I thought to myself, 'we have a winner', before even building it. It obviously has similarities to the Zeus X and other RTAS (what tank doesn't?) but this is a single coil only affair. I also thought this puppy will probably work well in mouth to lung (MTL) mode too. I have been using RTAs since 2016 so I have gained a lot of experience along the way. Now, other 'hybrid' tanks that offer MTL and direct to lung (DTL) vaping, usually end up being neither good at either. The main issue is that the bore going through the chimney to the mouthpiece (driptip) is usually too wide to get a proper mouth to lung vape. The bore on the Double Up looks to be a little wide for MTL but the fact that you can totally close off the top airflow means you can just use the four little holes that come from underneath the coil by using the bottom afc only. If you use a narrow bore MTL driptip, and have the bottom afc set to just half a mm open, you can get a pretty decent MTL draw. It isn't Kayfun Lite standard but it gives very good flavour and a very satisfying vape. Obviously, you are better off using a smaller gauge round wire or MTL clapton wire if using it in MTL and aim between 0.5 and 2ohms (or whatever works for you) at around 10 to 20w or so.

RIght, on to DTL mode then - My, this is where this thing really shines. In my opinion, this thing works best at semi low wattages with a nice fused clapton, tri core fused or alien. I have tried many different coils with resistances ranging from 0.16 to 0.62ohms. If you are using a lower ohm coil you can pump up the wattage and the tank will keep up with the wicking no dramas at all. I currently have the coil that came with it (0.36ohm) and my preference is at 40 -50w. I have the both top and bottom afcs set to about half way and this gives me the best draw and flavour. However, if you have it all wide open (incidentally I would give it a 6 out of 10 for airflow rating, with 10 being a super airy vape and 1 being like tight as a ducks arse), you can pump the wattage up to 80w (anything higher is too hot and upleasant for me), but it still wicks like a dream. The airflow is super smooth and the vape quality is probably the best I have had for a single coil RTA. As for flavour, I would give this a solid 9 out of 10, absolutely lovely.


This is a no-brainer as I have seen them on 3F Vape for $14.99 for the authentic version although I believe they have sold out (no surprise there!). On the Goforvape store they are retailing at $23.99 and at current exchange rates that is about £18.50. This really is the bargain of the year for me and I highly recommend it. Just a shame I haven't seen it for sale in the UK or US for that matter.


Apart from the dodgy grub screws and suspect threading on the top cap, this tank is just fantastic. It does not leak, gives excellnt vape quality, has super smooth airflow and has some of the best flavour you can get from a single coil RTA in my opinion. It really is a flavour machine and I like it so much it gets my accolade for my BEST DTL SINGLE COIL RTA OF THE 2019.

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Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

PS: The mod is the Geekvape Aegis X and my review can be found here

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