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Happy New Year -3rd Place Ecig Click Awards - Thank You!

Hi guys, haven't done one of these for a while so high time I did. I hope you all had the best Christmas possible under the present circumstances and wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2021.

I think most would agree that 2020 was a bit of a shite show so let's hope we all turn to some sort of normality in the coming months. For me personally, I have been working from home since March so haven't really left the house very much in all this time. I am lucky as I have my YouTube channel as a distraction and have enjoyed putting out content throughout 2020.

I have particularly enjoyed my new live show which usually airs at 3pm every Saturday afternoon. I named it Meltdown in Lockdown for obvious reasons lol. Yes we don't get hundreds of viewers in but we usually get around 30 to 60, but I say quality over quantity. For those that haven't tuned in yet I usually carry out a live review on the show. Sometimes I have pre-recorded the table cam footage and narrate over the top, other times I stream the close ups and rebuilds totally live! One thing is for sure I get a lot of interaction with live chat and the feedback I have received has been positive so we will no doubt carry on the same format throughout the coming year.

I have recorded a few normal reviews over the Christmas period so please check out the channel to see if there's anything that might interest you. The last video I uploaded was the Geekvape Talo X RDA.

Now, the annual Ecig Click Awards have just been announced and I am absolutely over the moon to have won 3rd Place in the 'Best Youtube Channel/Reviewer' category. This wouldn't have been possible without your vote so I personally thank each and every one that voted for me. It really does means the world to me.

Right, I will leave it there. Don't forget to tune in to the channel at 3pm most Saturdays for the show. The next one will probably be Saturday 9th January so look forward to seeing you in chat.

Huge thanks to all of you that support the channel, you rock!

Happy New Year!


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