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Roll on Spring...and Expo!

So that's January out of the way and into February and it's still bloody cold, wet and miserable... the weather ain't too great either lol. Don't know about you but I'm looking forward to the longer days and a bit more sunshine and of course the Vaper Expo UK that is early this year, the start of May (Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th). If you haven't been before it is a huge exhibition that champions all the latest and best hardware and of course if you like your pre-mixed juice you will be in your element!

I've only been to the last two Expo's (last May and October) but for me, what makes this event special is the chance to chill out, have a beer or two and catch up with my fellow reviewers and hopefully meet up with some of my wonderful subscribers. I wasn't that well known back then but I'm hoping now that I have surpassed 2300 subscribers recently (huge thanks by the way to each and every one of you!), I'll bump in to one or two of you. Feel free to stop and say hello, I'm lookiing forward to meeting you in the flesh.

If you are planning on going I would seriously think about booking tickets, both for the event and a hotel, very soon as hotel spaces tend to get fully booked well in advance. I, along with a number of fellow reviewers and vapers will be lodging at the Birmingham NEC Airport Premier Inn but if you can't find any rooms there, there are a number of hotels in the same vicinity.

What about the channel then? Well I've had a quiet week this week as I took a weekend off recording last weekend so the only review I have up this week is the Freemax Mesh Pro Subohm Tank which you can now find on the channel. I do have a number of items that have been sent in for testing and I have also purchased a couple of items too. Notable ones include:

I've also been using a few clones recently; the Fatality (Fasttech), Juggerknot Dual Coil and the single coil Mini and a couple of other RDAs. I will get around to recording these, probably exclusively for Vapetube, in due course but to be honest, now I'm starting to receive a few things in from vendors/manufacturers I am finding it hard to find the time to actually records these. (Don't forget to subscribe to my Vapetube Channel!) Just in case it takes a while, spoiler alert, the Fatality is fecking awesome, I do like the JK Dual Coil ( albeit the grub screws are tiny) but the JK Mini isn't all that for me.

Oh yes, nearly forgot to mention that I do have my own #meltdownmike merch line going if you fancy supporting the channel - we have t-shirts, hoodies, mugs etc so it would be great if you could check that out. I don't make a lot on each item but all support is greatly appreciated.

Right, that's about it for the moment, don't forget that most Saturday nights you can find me live on the channel round about 8.30pm to 9pm onwards, where I am frequently joined by the master turbomong himself (TVP), Lethal Coilz and the one and only Sleezy (Sean Beezy) Bizzle.

We'll chat about Expo closer to the time but, if you do decide to go, do remember to wear some comfortable shoes and bring lots of water in to the arena (prices aren't cheap in the NEC!).

See you later guys

Cheers :-)

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