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Vapetube Exclusive Reviews/MF Vape Merch

Hi guys, just a little catch up as been very busy as ever and haven't posted for a while. Anyways, not long to go until Expo and thoroughly looking forward and hope to meet some of you there! It starts on Friday 5th May so if you haven't booked your tickets, what are you waiting for :-)

So, the main reason for posting is to inform you all that I do upload my reviews, not only on YouTube but also on Vapetube. For those of you that don't know, Vapetube is a specialist platform that is specifically geared towards vape reviews but there are not so many anal rules. This means that we can upload clone (or styled) reviews without worrying about having our channel struck off the face of the earth. You'll all probably be aware that Youtube aren't particularly keen on vaping and especially the dreaded 'C' word. I used to enjoy uploading clones to my channel as they are very popular due to being able to pick up quality items (some of the time) for a fraction of the price of the authentic. And if you're anything like me, you like to get value for money (cheap bastard lol). This is why I've decided to start uploading a few reviews on Vapetube.

This week there won't be any Youtube reviews but you will be able to find my Fatality and Juggerknot Styled reviews later this week (The Fatality is already up!).....

I'd also like to point out that I have designed some new merch on my Teespring store too so it would be awesome if you could check it out. I don't make much at all on this but all support is greatly appreciated. If you follow this link you'll get a 5% discount: MF Vape Merch.

Going forward, I should be getting the Kelpie RTA soon which (unless you've been living under a rock!) you'll know is a joint venture with Vaping with Vic and EHpro. I am also being sent a few items from Steamcrave: The Aromamizer Plus, The Glaz V1.1 RDSA and the Aromamizer Lite RTA. I am very much looking forward to trying out all of these so keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks for the reviews. I have just reviewed the Glaz V2 which is probably my best tank for flavour of the year!

We also have a few guests coming on my Saturday Night Live (SNL) show - This week just gone we had Pud Puffs who is an upcoming reviewer based on bonnie Scotland. Next up we have The Scots Review (Sat 20th April), then a week later (27th) we have Flatcap Vaper. Looking forward to having a crack with these guys.

Right, gonna shoot as need to get some well deserved shut eye.

Don't forget to drop me a little sub on Vapetube and I'll see you all very soon.

Cheers guys :-)


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